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Yoga and Meditation Retreats, Dhanakosa Buddhist Centre, Scotland

Sue is not currently teaching at Dhanakosa but there are lots of wonderful retreats with other teachers 

Dhanakosa loch

Dhanakosa Retreat Centre is a converted farmhouse situated by a peaceful loch in the foothills of the Scottish Highlands. The one-week yoga retreats are led by a highly experienced team which includes a meditation leader, 2 yoga teachers and an organiser.

The day will start at about 7.30am with morning meditation, followed by breakfast and yoga.  After lunch, there will be free time, optional yoga and afternoon meditation.  Supper is at about 6.30pm, after which there will be an evening activity and meditation. Participants are asked to switch off mobile phones and other devices and there are periods of silence during the week to encourage deepening of the yoga and meditation practices.

The meditations taught are ‘Mindfulness of Breathing’ and ‘Developing Loving-Kindness’ – traditional Buddhist practices.  The retreats are open to people of all faiths and none.  They are designed to be accessible to beginners in both meditation and yoga but many experienced meditators/yogis come back again and again!

Dhanakosa runs on the basis of ‘dhana’ (meaning generosity).  There is an initial booking fee, then participants are encouraged to pay a further donation above this as they can afford.  Visit