‘Starting to do Yoga in my sixties has been a complete joy.  I can feel so many benefits even though I am just at the beginning of the journey.
I feel as if my body is awakening -and that it is grateful to me for helping it to relearn movements and postures. Why didn’t I know that I needed to go to a yoga class before?!’

‘Sue has a special gift that enables her to look beyond a persons surface and see where their imbalances lie. Sue is very talented at helping people to find transformation and healing through movement and has an inherent understanding of how we can attain balance in our lives. Whether attending one of her classes, or working more deeply in a one to one session, Sue is able to create a safe and deeply relaxing space in which her own particular alchemical blend of movement and stillness works on the body and spirit in a profound way.  As a local acupuncture practitioner, I feel very privileged to have been able to refer people to Sue who need to explore safe ways in which they can move, and thus continue their healing journeys. I wholeheartedly endorse her skills, care and professionalism.’
Cathy Chapman, BSc (hons) TCM Acupuncture MBAcC See

‘Sue’s classes offer a serene safe space and opportunity to stretch my body, still my mind, focus on my breath and simply “be” for 90 minutes of my week. Her wise words echo through the rest of my week. She inspires me to listen to my body both in movement and stillness to allow self-healing. Her gentle encouragement to be kind and non-judgemental with ourselves reassures us that whatever we do is ok.  Her years of teaching experience and Sue’s personal exploration of movement, meditation, life and what it is to be whole radiates through as she warmly supports us to explore our own being on every level. As a local health practitioner, I regularly recommend Sue’s classes to those on their own journey of health and healing knowing that they will be in the care of an experienced professional.  You could benefit from her yoga class purely as a form of physical exercise, to improve flexibility and strength, but I find that I leave it transformed and inspired to attain greater balance across my whole life.’
Julia Russell, Herbalist and Massage Therapist, Lancaster.  See

Sue’s gentle movement class is a calm and relaxed class that has helped me to connect with my body and  helped maintain my mobility. She has a calmness and spirituality as she teaches  which invites you to look deeper than just the movement. A wonderful class  and a little oasis in a busy life.”
Steve M. Building Surveyor

‘Sue is a lovely, understanding teacher. I started attending her yoga classes just over two years ago. Prior to that, I had had major back surgery and a whole raft of cancer treatments, which had left me with constant backache and feeling fairly fragile. I wanted to find a gentle exercise class which would help me to regain fitness and ease my back pain. Sue’s classes fitted the bill perfectly. Within a few lessons my back pain was gone and the classes, whilst being gentle enough for me, have been challenging enough to help me rebuild my stamina and fitness. The lessons leave me calm and rejuvenated and I particularly enjoy the meditation at the end.’
Pam Disley

‘I started yoga lessons with Sue Garner’s class last summer, to get fit and increase flexibility for surfing. I felt the benefit straight away, and now attend twice a week, this will be my third consecutive term. Sue is a really professional teacher, but relaxed, you can do a light session with her instruction or make it harder- she gives you a choice. V glad I came to Sue for instruction. (Relaxation is always achieved by the end of a session)’
Adrian, Podiatrist

‘Sue’s yoga classes on a Monday are a little bit of bliss in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. My strength has improved along with my posture and I’m able to relax better.’
MJ, Nurse

‘Sue’s Wednesday yoga class has become an anchor in my life and helps me live better with a long term illness. I find the class deeply nourishing and nurturing, and have learnt to be kinder with myself. No matter what state my body is in, I often feel a sense of aliveness, peace and wellbeing, simply by being there. Sue is a natural teacher, and creates a wonderful, positive, cosy environment in which to move and breathe. I definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to live better with illness.’

‘Sue allows me to devote time every week to be in my own space and give my body the attention it needs. Through a gentle approach she guides us through an excellent and well balanced series of movements whilst making us more aware about our physical body, our thoughts and emotions.’

‘I have been going to Sue’s gentle yoga class for a couple of years now, and have also been on a few weekend classes. I always find the class to be warm and friendly. For me ‘gentle’ movement means ‘mindful’ movement. In the classes, we move ‘from the heart’. Sue encourages us to find the movements our bodies want to make, and helps us ease into yoga poses which can be quite stretching and strenuous too. I have done yoga on and off with various teachers over a period of 40 years, and I have never come across a teacher who combines meditation and bodywork with quite such attention to detail. This has helped me to bring greater awareness of my body and emotions, not only to yoga, but also to my own meditation practice.’
Sandy, Buddhist

‘Sue has a very free and gentle approach to yoga and after only a handful of classes I realised the results were astonishingly powerful and go so much deeper than any other yoga I have tried. Sue’s yoga has taught me how to relax, how to be kind to myself, how to be more aware of my body and how I move and mindful of everything I do.  I now have 1 to 1 lessons with Sue and I am learning so very much from her. My whole philosophy on life has changed – the way I live my life has totally changed. I am the happiest and healthiest I have ever been. There are many different kinds of yoga and many different teachers. In the past I had always been attracted to high energy yoga classes, but I now realise that yoga is so much more than bending yourself into weird shapes. Somehow, without ever telling you what to do, she gets inside you and pulls you all together. Mind, body and soul. I can not recommend Sue’s highly enough’
Jenny Natusch, Sandgazer