Yoga was traditionally taught one-to-one. An individual session is tailored to your needs, interests and experience and offers more personalised guidance than a class setting.  It can help you improve posture and mobility, work positively with illness/injury, develop your personal yoga practice or explore particular areas of interest.  See Recommendations

Some people prefer 1-to-1 sessions to a class.  Others see them as preparation for starting a class or as a valuable addition to a regular class.  For some people, one or two sessions is enough for their needs.  Others arrange regular sessions weekly or monthly for a shorter or longer period of time.

Individual sessions are available in-person at Friends’ Meeting House, Lancaster and Healthy Spirit, Didsbury. A first session includes about 15 minutes at the beginning to discuss medical conditions or injuries, your hopes/aims and how we will work together and about 5 minutes at the end to review the session and discuss next steps.

live-streamed on Zoom
half-hour £25, 1 hour £35, 1.5 hours £45 (for 1 person)
£10 off 1-to-1 by Zoom of 1 hour or more if you have booked a series of classes

In-person sessions:
In Lancaster: £47 (1 hour), £57 (1.5 hours) – for 1 person
In Didsbury: £57 (1 hour), £67 (1.5 hours) – for 1 person

Some concessions available, by arrangement, for those with low income.
Private sessions for 2 or more people can be arranged. Please contact me.